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Father and son visitation in Washington

Child Visitation Monitors in Washington

Offering a Neutral Observer for Child Custody Visits

At Community Family Services-Supervised Visitation, we have the best interest of the children and family at heart. Our neutral observers offer professional supervision for child custody exchanges and visits in Pierce and South King Counties. We ensure the safety of all parties by supervising the transfer of your children, and not allowing contact between parents and/or guardians. It is our goal to guarantee the children's safety and well-being during all visits when there are conflicts between the parents. We have extensive experience providing visit supervision required because of the following issues:

• Anger and Control Issues • Cultural Values • Emotional, Physical, and Sexual Abuse • Family Law Matters
• Family Reunification • Flight Risks • Neglect and Dysfunction • Parental Alienation
• Parental Conflicts • Substance Abuse • Divorce and Custody Issues • Domestic Violence

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Supervised Visits

Visitations are supervised at all times by referred qualified staff. The trained supervisor is present, however they will not participate in the visit. They will meet with both the drop-off parent and the visiting parent separately, ensuring neither parent has contact with the other. The safety of parents and children is protected and exchanges are conflict free. Supervision is professional and affordable.

Approved Visits

We supervise visits in various age appropriate locations. The following are suggestions for visitation locations:

• Amusement Park • Bowling Alley • Church • Library • Miniature Golf Course • Museum
• Park • Restaurant • Shopping Mall • Theater • Zoo • School
• Beach • Parent's Home • Relative's Home