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Putting Safety First in Supervised Visitation

Family law matters often create emotionally charged situations. To ensure the safety of all persons involved our case manager conducts a comprehensive intake with each parent and follows up with a thorough case review. Her investigative skills provide our well-trained and educated supervisors with information that is used to center first and foremost on the safety of every parent and child.

No Contact between Parents From the First Visit to the Last

When parents cannot legally be around each other, or they know that being around each other would lead to arguing in front of their children, we are there to help. Our Washington State child visitation monitors ensure that neither parent creates conflict. As professionals, we keep all parties calm during the children's exchange.

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Visitation Service


We offer off-site supervision in safe, conflict-free, and age-appropriate locations. Trained supervisors are present to ensure the safety of all involved, making sure the visitation goes smoothly, and the children have a positive and nurturing visit. We are available 365 days a year with extended holiday hours. Our reports follow court-approved guidelines and focus ONLY on observations. We do not evaluate parents; make custody or other recommendations unless court ordered.

Visitation Service
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Guidelines & Fees


Reunification Visits are key in promoting parent and child attachment, increasing a parent's motivation to change, and in reducing the pain of separation. Our family reunification supervisor has 28 years working with couples, extended family members, and children as a Title 26 Guardian ad Litem and a Certified Professional Guardian for Washington State. Reunification visits are available in one-hour sessions taking into consideration the child's age, and length of separation.

Guidelines & Fees

Same Day Service & No Intake Fees

Community Family Services is ready to begin services as soon as you are. Once both parties have returned their Guidelines, they will be contacted for their intake. There is no fee to either client for this service. We can even schedule the first visit during the intake process. Our staff of trained and professional supervisors are standing by ready to provide services for your family in Pierce and South King County.

Safe, Reliable & Conflict Free Services

Supervised visitation is often a difficult arrangement for parents to adjust to.  Any parent being told they need a professional present when they’re around their children may be understandably hurt or angry.  However, we view supervised visits as the first step in providing a safe, reliable new family structure for your children.

During visitations, one of our professional child visitation monitors is present at all times.  However, they do not participate in the visit.  They meet with both the drop-off parent and the visiting parent separately, ensuring neither person has contact with the other.  This leads to a safe, conflict-free exchange for both parents and children.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Community Family Services-Supervised Visitation is to support children and families who have been affected by divorce, separation, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, or have become physically or mentally incapacitated.  We provide a safe and nurturing place for children to visit with their families in a supervised setting under the guidance of a trained professional supervisor.  Community Family Services sets the standard for ethical and professional supervision.

We work with families throughout Pierce County and South King County, Washington. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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