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Visitation Fees

All supervised visitation fees must be paid in advance of the scheduled visit. We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and debit cards. Cost is $40 per hour for visits Monday through Sunday, and $50 per hour on holidays. Reunification visits are billed at $60. Travel time outside of our service areas may be billed at $40 an hour, and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Minimum visitation time is two hours. Maximum time is eight hours, unless special arrangements are made in advance. Reunification cases may be scheduled for one hour per visit. We charge a $75 one-time File/Set-Up fee, which must be paid at the time guidelines are returned. THERE ARE NO INTAKE FEES. For supervised exchanges, cost is $30 per exchange and $40 per holiday exchange.

Ensuring Safe Supervised Visits in Washington 

If you or your attorney is researching a supervising agency, it is recommended that you request a resume or CV to verify their qualifications. Additionally, you should read their client reviews with the Better Business Bureau. We also recommend that the agency or provider be a member in good standing with the Supervised Visitation Network. Our agency and each of our supervisors are proud to be "Premier Gold Members" in Washington State. We welcome you to read our reviews with the Better Business Bureau and follow us on Facebook.

Community Family Services-Supervised Visitation is committed to helping you. In addition to providing family reunification and supervised visitation services, we follow-up on visits with observation reports. It is our goal to ensure the safety of all involved, especially the children, and that visits and exchanges go as smoothly as possible. We make all the arrangements for you and your family.

Report Fees

Our visitation reports are limited to observation only. We do not include any recommendations, mental health evaluations, prognosis, or parenting suggestions. If requested or ordered by the court, we will provide parenting guidance and assistance. Our supervisor's observation reports cost:

• $25 Per Visitation Exchange • $35 Per 1 to 4 Hour Visitation • $50 Per 5 to 8 Hour Visitation


We require that both parties sign our guidelines and adhere to all our policies and court requirements.

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