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The Importance of Visitation Supervisors

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Visitation/Exchange Fees

Our Supervision is Affordable.

• $50 Per Hour Monday-Sunday
• $60 Per Hour on Holidays
• $75 Per Hour for Reunification Visits

Our Supervised Exchange is Affordable.

• $30 Per Supervised Exchange
• $40 Per Supervised Exchange on Holidays


• $75 One Time File Set-Up/Case
Review Fee due when Guidelines are returned.

• Minimum Visitation Time: 2 hrs
• Maximum Visitation Time: 8 hrs

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Debit Cards

We strive to make our supervised child visitation rates affordable for all our clients.

When you need a trustworthy neutral supervisor for your children, give us a call (insert link to the phone number if possible) to discuss your needs.

Report Fees

Our visitation reports are limited to the supervisor's observation. We do not include recommendations, mental health evaluations, Prognoses, or parenting suggestions. If requested by the court, our Supervisor will provide parenting guidance and assistance. Our supervisor's observation report fees are as follows:

• $25 Per Visitation Exchange • $40 Per 1 to 4 Hour Visitation • $50 Per 5 to 8 Hour Visitation

Guidelines Requirements

We require that both parties sign our Guidelines and adhere to all our policies and court requirements.

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